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This year is my last year at the C.A.H.M. I began and finished in this school. Well it’s the first school I went to. Next I’m going to CDJ. Next year is going to be a new beginning. When I was in kindergarden my mom had my sister.

In first grade, if we where good in class, we had some sort of badges and when we had 5, we could have a gold one. In second grade with Mrs.Lyne, every time we had green on a test, she would give us a butterscotch candy. I miss those. They where really good. It was in third grade that I entered myself for the first time in the school's talent show and that's where I started singing. I remember in fourth grade in the afternoon when Mrs.Arlene made us watch readalong. It’s a little show where there’s a boot talking and sometimes a pink shoe. Me and Gabrielle’s favortie character was Mr.Bones. Around halloween, we watched one and it was with Mr.Bones. He was singing a song about how the bones connect and I still remebmer it !

What I’m trying to say is, C.A.H.M is the best school ever and if I could, I would never leave. I have great friends here and the best teachers. I hope I’ll have that at CDJ too. When we went to visit the new school, we where a pretty little group. There was Gabrielle, Iza, Chloé, Britney, Marybelle and more but if that’s going to be our gang its going to be great and we're going to have a great time.

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