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Valentines day

This morning i woke up and saw heart shaped chocolate on my night stand so i remembered that it was valentines day. I’m not planning on doing anything special. Maybe just going to the movies with my friends after school. I never really do anything on that holiday. I’m the anti-Valentine type of person, but maybe someone could reverse that!

So after school, i went skiing, and the i saw that guy. He caught my eye and stoped my heart at the very first look. He came to me and we talked for about an hour ! Then, he asked me out at the movies. I couldn’t resist so I said yes. At 6 o’clock he picked me up at my house. We went to see the movie the vow. Its a romantic movie about a couple that had an accident and the girl doesn’t remember her boyfriend. After the movie, we went to eat ice cream then he brought me back home with a kiss good night.

After that day, they went on more little dates. She was all he wanted and he couldn’t asked better so they lived happily ever after.

Publié par Ariane R. le 23/02/12