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Own your restaurant

In our English class we worked on a project called «Own your restaurant». We randomly selected the kind of restaurant, we got Fast-Food. In our group we were three, Samuel, Cody and Matthew. We distributed the chores. We add to create a menu including the chef specialty, desserts, beverages and main courses. Eight questions for the interviews that will help us for hiring our staff. Then we did the two interviews going with our questions. Finally we did an ad that will encourage customers to come eat. Here’s our final production.

Here or menu in publisher format.

Here are the questions. We decided to do 11 questions instead of eight.

Here is the interview Cody was the interviewer and Matthew and I were trying to get a job at Prince Burger.

Finally here is the ad. Cody did the intro and Matt and I singed.

Thank You!!

Publié par S. Pelletier le 31/03/08


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