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My grandfather

I will talk to you about my grandfather and why I picked him for my write on of the week.

My grandfather is 85 years old and he was born in 1923. My grandfather comes from Rogersville New-Brunswick. His father is Joseph Haché and his mother is Catherine Haché. That’s where they got my sister name. He got married to my grandmother in 1962 and knows they are married for 46 years. I love when my grandfather tells me stories. Every time I go to Rogersville he always have’s a story to tell me. He always talks about his old house he lived in when he was a kid, the house that was around it and the people that lived in them. I love going to Rogersville to go see my grandfather. I picked my grandfather Haché because he is so fun, he so funny too and he always sings songs and always tells me jokes.

These are the reasons why I picked my grandfather. I love him very much.

Publié par S. Haché le 05/12/08


Your write on this week is very good and emotional. You explain well why you decided to present your grand father.

Publié par D. Michaud le 07/12/08

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